Your first visit

Please allow a lot of time for your first visit in our clinic because we take the time to listen to you. We want to find the cause of your ailment and that might take some time. 

The clinic is about 4 km from both Angaston and Tanunda.  The road there is dusty and bumpy, so don't wash your car before the trip. Save the washing for later. There is no fancy clinic, but a lot of tools, experience and knowledge.

Horst works differently from Helena. You will profit from his more than 50 years (!) of experience as a doctor.

Horst and Helena both use inspection, auscultatation, pulse diagnosis, percussion etc. or diagnosis. They look at your nails, your tongue, your skin, the way you walk etc.. You will be asked a lot of questions. Don't be surprised if their diagnosis is quite different from what you heard before.  They look at root causes, not symptoms when making a diagnosis.