Horst's daughter Helena graduated from an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda in 1991 before earning a Diploma of Oriental Medicine (HSA), a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Naturopathic Diploma. As part of her BHSc she spent two years studying at two German Universites in a medical degree. She's been a remedial massage therapist since 1994 and was trained in non-directive counselling at Adelaide Central Mission. Back in 1994 she joined the ATMS and was a member there until 2014, when she stopped paying the ever increasing fees.  She's  now in the VEAT (European Association of Ayurveda Therapist).

Helena's been the co-editor of Deerghayu a scientific journal for Ayurveda and writes for various journals. She taught at Roche Pharmaceuticals in Germany for 7 years and worked for Eli Lilly for another two years.


Helena uses her knowledge of four different medical systems to find the origin of your complaint and eradicate the cause of disease. In 2016, she obtained a licence to deal with medicinal plants in Germany, where she runs a school for naturopathy and a holistic health centre. If you are looking for products, please visit her online shop at http://shop.ayurweda.de .